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Why it's Important to Use a REALTOR for a New Home Build Purchase?

Buying a new home from  a builder is a great opportunity for any buyer to consider. It gives a buyer the ability to own a home that no one has ever lived in. It has that new smell and everything in the home has been newly constructed to tailor a buyers needs. Buying a newly built home can be very beneficial if buying at the right time and can create instant value in most cases during any type of real estate market. 

Working with a builder on your own without a REALTOR creates the opportunity for the builder to dictate their own terms without negotiation of not just price but many other factors that could effect you during the process of building the home and after you have moved in. The reason new home builders prefer not to have a REALTOR present during the home buying process is because it allows them to generate more profit for their stockholders. Their investors and stockholders are the only ones who are being represented with full interest during the new home build transaction. New home builders have no legal obligation or requirement to represent you in any way as a buyer in the transaction. The new home builders protection for you is to make sure they build a home with all the options requested by a buyer and service an agreement on any warranty concerns regarding the home.

In the upcoming months of 2008 there is a fairly strong likelihood that more builders who are currently building in the Phoenix metro area may face declaring bankruptcy. The new homes market in 2007 was very tough and 2008 is likely to be just as challenging.  As a buyer this can benefit you in some ways, but can also effect you negatively if you do not understand the legal language instilled in the builders contract. 

This is where one of our professional real estate agents will take the time to gather all the right information from performing comparative analysis of similar properties in the area, view what other buyers paid the builder for even the same home, find out any critical information that may benefit you in negotiating terms in a contract, and work with you and the builder step by step so that your interest as a buyer will be protected at all times. This is a commitment that every buyer gets that Teddy Castro Group - NeXGen Real Estate represents.

Before you venture out to buy a new home from a builder, do not hesitate to consult a REALTOR first. New home builders will not allow a REALTOR to represent you after you have visited their model homes without your REALTOR present. The benefits you will receive in having a Teddy Castro Group - NeXGen Real Estate agent with you during that first visit can save you thousands of dollars. Teddy Castro Group - NeXGen Real Estate takes pride in negotiating the best terms on a newly built home in Arizona.

"Call Us First, We Can Make a Difference in You New Home Buying Experience"

- Ted Castro - Designated Broker