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Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Down Payment Assistance is Available

What is the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)?

Congress created the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to help cities, counties and states deal with community problems that are the result of the mortgage foreclosure crisis in the nation. HUD provides money to about 250 local governments (cities and counties) and all 50 states. Generally, the money must be used to buy, fix up, and resell foreclosed and abandoned homes. As long as the funds are used for this redevelopment, the units of government that receive HUD funds decide how to use the funds and what specific redevelopment activities to undertake.

If you are interested in participating in this program, you need to contact your city, county, and/or state to find out how the program operates in your area. This is true both for prospective home buyers and for potential contractors, non-profits, and other partners.

To find out who administers the Neighborhood Stabilization Program in your area, see below.

Additional information about the NSP Program is available at the HUD NSP website at www.hud.gov/nspta


Where can I get more info for Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)?

Here are some direct contacts to find out how you can qualify for down payment assistance through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). You can call the Teddy Castro Group - NeXGen Real Estate office (623) 536-2229 or email at NSP@HomeExecsRealty.com and we can discuss opportunities and refer you to our preferred contacts. 

Programs Available for Arizona Residents

Arizona State Program NSP-1 Reginald Givens 602-771-1041
Avondale City, AZ NSP-1 Sandy Lopez 623-333-2726
Chandler, AZ NSP-1 Pam Large 480-782-4354
Chandler, AZ NSP-1 Jennifer Morrison 480-782-4347
Chicanos Por La Causa NSP-2 David Adame 602-257-0700
Glendale, AZ NSP-1 Gilbert Lopez 623-930-3670
Maricopa County, AZ NSP-1 Renee Ayres-Benavidez 602-372-1524
Mesa, AZ NSP-1 Ray Villa 480-644-4546
Phoenix, AZ NSP-2 Chris Hallett 602-534-6176
Phoenix, AZ NSP-1 Kate Krietor 602-534-6176
Phoenix, AZ NSP-2 Kate Krietor 602-534-6176
Pima County, AZ NSP-2 Gary Bachman 520-243-6750
Pima County, AZ NSP-1 Margaret Kish 520-243-6777
Pima County, AZ NSP-2 Margaret Kish 520-243-6777
Surprise Town, AZ NSP-1 Christina Ramirez 623-222-3238
Tucson, AZ NSP-1 Ron Whitman 520-837-5340